CacheSyn Inc. is a dynamic and Service-oriented company empowered with knowledge-based personnel and state-of-the-art laboratories. We serve our clients worldwide from universities, research institutions, regulatory agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical and related industries, etc.

CacheSyn takes pride in delivering the superior customer satisfaction by offering the reliable, high-quality and cost competitive products and services:

-- Wide-selection of CacheSyn catalogue products
  • Reference standards
-- Custom synthesis for specialty products as per customer's request

-- Fast delivery in a safe and economic manner
At CacheSyn Inc., we have a passion for innovation and a dedication to serving our customers. Our vision, mission and value inspire us to achieve more and serve us as the guiding principles for how to operate our business now and into the future.

Provide creative, unique, tailored and cost-effective products and services that meet or exceed the demanding and dynamic needs of our customers.

Deliver to customer satisfaction the products and services that enhance the capability and productivity leading to customer's success.

All of our activities and intentions are to act with the highest levels of ethics, honesty and professionalism, as we strive for continuous improvement, and achieve operational and performance excellence.